Small sticker
Small sticker
Stickers with sizes below A3+ (470x310mm) with white or clear background. We can cut the stickers into different shapes sizes of your desire.
Basic information
Base price (White sticker)
$10/A3+ sheet
Base price (Clear sticker)
$15/A3+ sheet
Customers may pick up your product from Chai Wan, or have your product delivered (price differs by address).
Payment method
Non-corporate customers should pay once the order is confirmed.
Request for quote
Stickers are being tailor made and there is no standard size. Common size includes: A4 - 210 x 297mm A5 - 148 x 210mm Figures - Around 80 x 80mm
Suggested sizes: A5 / A4
Please enter the size according to your actual needs. They do not have to be standard sizes.
Quantity of the finished product. Customers are not required to calculate the number of sheets used.
Laminating with polypropylene will enhance the color and increase the durability of the printed matters.
(Show Description) The number of plates required for press. The former refers to the front side and the latter refers to the back side.

0C means no printing is required on the said side. 1C means one color is to be printed on the said side (defaults to black). 4C refers to the composite colors from CMYK.

For example, 4C + 0C refers to the color printing on the front side, and no printing is required on the back side (ie Single side colored printing).

Special colors (Gold, silver, clear, white, spot colors) are counted according to the number of plates required. Varnishing and gold foil are not calculated towards the number of plates. CMYK colors are always counted as 4 plates, regardless if all 4 colors are used.
(Show Description)
Do not trim: Crop marks and color bars will be retained for your further handling in finishing.
Trim to size: Trim the product to a rectangular shape of your desired size.
Diecut: Cutting the product with a die to make an irregular shaped product.
Kiss-cut: The image will be placed on a larger sheet for you to peel off.
Price (HKD)-
We will manually review and confirm the price.
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Maximum size: 500MB
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Method of delivery
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