1. There may be minor deviations during printing and cropping. Acceptable tolerance levels are listed for the following processes.
    Process Tolerance
    Offset printing 0.5mm
    Digital printing 2mm
    For banner mode printing, the deviation may be significantly higher.
    Inkjet printing 1mm
    UV printing (flatbed) 1mm
    UV printing (roll form) 5mm
    Diecut 1mm
    Folding 1mm
  2. Fingerprint is a certified Idealliance G7 Master. Standardised color management ensure a consistent color for your products. Shall you require printing with a self-defined color profile, please inform us in advance.
  3. Color shown on screen may differ from the print product. Please ask for a color proof if necessary.
  4. Color profiles will be converted as below. There may be a difference in color should profile conversion has to be made.
    Method CMYK RGB Spot colors White color
    Offset printing - CMYK - Please specify
    Digital printing - CMYK CMYK + Metallic colors Please specify
    Inkjet printing - CMYK CMYK Discard
    UV printing - CMYK CMYK Please specify
    Digital photographic output RGB - RGB Discard
    Unless otherwise specified, white is interpreted as the absence of ink. There is additional charge for white color printing.
  5. Please reserve 3mm width of bleed area in your file.
  6. Please reserve 3mm width of margin around text and important information inside the trim line
  7. Unless otherwise specified, files are printed 1:1 to products. Common standard sizes are defined in ISO 216.
  8. Fingerprint accept self-sourced printing materials. To account for actual material usage and print quality, we recommend sampling before production. Should you be unsatisfied with the results, you shall nevertheless cover the printing costs.
  9. Unless otherwise specified, books and leaflets will be binded as read from left to right.
  10. Imposition of artwork image is not required. We will impose multiple-UPs of an image appropriately according to the paper size.
  11. We crop according to trimming lines. Printer’s marks including color bars and registration marks will not be kept.
  12. Please be reminded to proofread before submitting for print. We shall not be responsible for proofreading, but we may notify our customers in case of obvious errors. Design, layout and proofreading are charged separately.
  13. The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the printed material belong solely to the customer. We shall not be responsible for any dispute over the content of the printed material.
  14. We will pack the products appropriately for road transport. If you have special needs (shipping overseas, deliver to multiple locations, etc), or would like to inspect the product before packing, please inform us in advance.