Equipped with paper guillotine, CNC cutters and laser cutters, we can help to cut your printed products into different shapes and colors.


  1. Imposition is not required when submitting your artwork. We will impose the image on our side according to the paper size.
  2. The size of the product is not limited to standard sizes (e.g. A3, A4). You are only required to let us know the finished size and the quantity of the finished product.
  3. The products will be trimmed according to trim marks. color bars, registration marks will be discarded.
  4. There will be a ±1mm deviation when trimming the products. Please refrain from putting texts within 10mm to the trim marks, to avoid them being trimmed away.
  5. Please indicate the die lines clearly in vector path, should you wish to have the products trimmed.
  6. As there may be a slight deviation for trimming, when designing your artwork, please ensure that the size is 3mm larger than the trim size (called bleeding). This is a failsafe measure, and the visual in the bleed area is usually discarded.


Do not trim: Crop marks and color bars will be retained for your further handling in finishing.
Trim to size: Trim the product to a rectangular shape of your desired size.
Kiss-cut: The image will be placed on a larger sheet for you to peel off. Available to stickers only.
Die-cut: Cutting the product with a die to make an irregular shaped product.

Please place your artwork and cutting instructions in different layers. In the above image. Red color refers to the cutting path. (Sample file)

There should be a 3mm tolerance beyond the trim size (called bleeding). Image should be of at least 300dpi. (Sample File)